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Endocrine Surgery Legends

We hope you enjoy this small tribute to the endocrine surgery legends that walk among us. This section offers you an opportunity to listen in on candid and relaxed conversations with some of the giants in our field. They tell us of their training, their mentors, their practice, and the fun they have had as surgeons over the last 20 to 30 to 40 years or more. They let us know what things were like at the first AAES meeting; they tell humorous tales of colleagues and of themselves. Our endocrine surgery legends offer us a glimpse of what it has been like to be leaders in a fledgling field in the 1970s and 1980s and how the specialty has transformed and how training has been altered. They comment on what our endocrine fellows should know as they embark on a fantastic career. Enjoy!

​Blake Cady
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Edward Kaplan
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Jack Monchik
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Patricia Numann
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Norman Thompson
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Jon van Heerden
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Stuart Wilson
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Videos from AAES Annual Meetings

2018 Presidential Address: Dr. Martha Zeiger


2017 Presidential Address: Dr. Peter Angelos


2016 Presidential Address: Dr. Steven Libutti 


2015 Presidential Address: Dr. Gerard Doherty


2014 Presidential Address: Dr. Sally Carty 


2013 Presidential Address: Dr. Miguel Herrara 

2018 Historical Lecture: Dr. John Cameron


2017 Historical Lecture: Dr. David Nahrwold


2016 Historical Lecture: Dr. Samuel Wells Jr. 


2015 Historical Lecture: Dr. Robert Beazley


2014 Historical Lecture: Dr. Patricia Numann


2013 Historical Lecture: Dr. Orlo H. Clark

2018 Orlo & Carol Clark Distinguised Lecture in Endocrine Surgery: Dr. Julie Freischlag


2017 Orlo & Carol Clark Distinguised Lecture in Endocrine Surgery: Dr. Jack Gilbert


2016 President's Invited Lecturer: Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg


2015 President's Invited Lecturer: Dr. Gary Hammer


2013 President's Invited Lecturer: Dr. Anders O.J. Bergenfelz