AAES Collaborative Research 

Aim: To advance the knowledge and understanding of endocrine disorders by promoting collaborative research through three complementary approaches:

  1. Establish a common data language and standard data elements to encourage collaborative, multi-institutional research focusing on disorders of the thyroid, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, and other neuroendocrine tumors.
  2. Provide structured data sheets and sample protocols encompassing broad areas of research interest to facilitate collaborative projects between individual investigators and larger centers or other entities, including those in non-traditional and less resourced settings, to promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity among those participating.
  3. Through collaborative, multi-institutional research utilizing AAES standard data collection sheets, along with project specific focused data sheets, promote investigation of rare diseases and conditions unable to be well studied utilizing current national databases. The AAES will solicit calls for proposals on topics of special interest and relevance to the field of Endocrine Surgery.

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